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Wide, smooth rounded teeth for smooth glide.
Chunky design manages hair that likes to act out. Smooth, rounded teeth safeguard against pulling and breaking, make way for wider curl patterns.

Did You Know

The anti-static technology combined with the right degree of flexibility and you’ve got the ideal comb for both professional and daily at home use.


Consumer Use: This is great for distributing conditioner throughout hair. Gently comb out children's hair without pulling. Ideal to detangle coarse hair without damage.
Professional Use: Use at backbar or during treatments to distribute product and stimulate scalp. Ideal to detangle hair gently and effectively without stressing damaged hair or sensitive scalps.
Caring for your comb will extend the longevity. Your hair tools gather dust, dirt, and residue from hairstyling products, such as gels, mousses, and hair pomades used daily. On a weekly basis soak your comb in warm water and a bit of shampoo or white vinegar, which will remove oily deposits and other build up. Rinse and pat dry.

Black Detangling Comb


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